Running CAW with AWS Batch

Maxime U. Garcia 2017-11-16
Last modified 2017-11-17

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Following this post from Nextflow blog, I’m writing a small guide on how I’m doing that for CAW.

The useful documentation

Things that had to be done

  • New --outDir parameter for CAW to write output into a S3 bucket
  • New S3 bucket for references: s3://caw-references/
  • New S3 bucket for test data: s3://caw-test-data/
  • New S3 bucket for results: s3://caw-test-results/Results
  • New S3 bucket for Nextflow work: s3://caw-test-results/work
  • New TSV files for the test data:
  • Added AWS settings in my ~/.nextflow/config file
// For AWS - Personal settings
aws {
    accessKey = 'xxx'
    secretKey = 'yyy'
    region = 'eu-west-1'
  • New AWS specific profile
profiles {
    // Docker images will be pulled automatically
    aws { // For running on AWS Batch with Docker
      includeConfig 'configuration/aws-batch.config'
      includeConfig 'configuration/docker.config'
      includeConfig 'configuration/containers.config'
      includeConfig 'configuration/genomes.config'
  • New AWS Batch specific config file aws-batch.config
    • bundleDir has been replaced by params.genome_base in genomes.config for easier configuration.
    • using params.genome_base for referencing the S3 bucket:
params {
      genome_base = params.genome == 'GRCh37' ? "s3://caw-references/grch37" : params.genome == 'GRCh38' ? "s3://caw-references/grch38" : "s3://caw-references/smallgrch37"
  • Specify executor:
process.executor = 'awsbatch'
process.queue = 'caw-job-queue'


First try

nextflow run -profile awsbatch -w s3://caw-test-results/work --outDir s3://caw-test-results/Results --sample s3://caw-test-data/tsv/tiny-s3.tsv --verbose --genome smallGRCh37


Invalid AWS Batch job definition -- provide a Docker image name or a Batch job definition name

We do need a container for every process, even if the process does not need one.


  • Define containers for processes without one.

Second try


ERROR ~ Failed to sanitize XML document destined for handler class$ListBucketHandler

Problem might be due to bad AMI configuration.


Third try

Create a managed compute environment, and user-specified AMI ID: ami-7ce35005 Error:

JobQueue caw-job-queue not found. (Service: AWSBatch; Status Code: 400; Error Code: ClientException; Request ID: 778694b4-cecf-11e7-b649-9f5e67e1cb80)

Forgot to create job queue when creating the compute environment. Solution:

Fourth try


Likely it has been terminated by the external system

Nextflow Docs:

This may happen when Batch is unable to execute the process script. A common cause of this problem is that the Docker container image you have specified uses a non standard entrypoint which does not allow the execution of the BASH launcher script required by Nextflow to run the job. Check also the Job execution log in the AWS Batch dashboard for further error details.

Error in AWS Batch dashboard is: Essential container in task exited

Most likely cause by:

bash: /home/ec2-user/miniconda/bin/aws: No such file or directory

Need to check if AMI is correctly configured.

  • /home/ec2-user/miniconda/bin/aws is in the AMI
  • Check if path to awscli is specified in the right place.
  • Path seems to be in the right place
  • Adding = 'awsbatch'

Fifth try


Likely it has been terminated by the external system

Error in AWS Batch dashboard is: Essential container in task exited

Most likely cause by:

download failed: s3://caw-test-results/work/58/0cd09f18e95da23336db35af5c39ee/ to - An error occurred (403) when calling the HeadObject operation: Forbidden
upload failed: - to s3://caw-test-results/work/58/0cd09f18e95da23336db35af5c39ee/.command.log An error occurred (AccessDenied) when calling the PutObject operation: Access Denied

Missing AmazonS3FullAccess attached as a policy for the Instance Role.


  • Add policy AmazonS3FullAccess to ecsInstanceRole

Sixth try


Missing output file(s) `*_fastqc.{zip,html}` expected by process `RunFastQC (1234-1234N_1)`

It seems that no file were copied from the s3 source bucket into the s3 work directory bucket.

Check if the files in question exists.

≻aws s3 ls s3://caw-test-data/tiny/normal/tiny_n_L001_R1_xxx.fastq.gz
2017-11-20 11:25:32      45010 tiny_n_L001_R1_xxx.fastq.gz
≻aws s3 ls s3://caw-test-data/tiny/normal/tiny_n_L001_R2_xxx.fastq.gz
2017-11-20 11:25:32      47703 tiny_n_L001_R2_xxx.fastq.gz

They do exist, so probably an issue regarding permission.

Tried to correct it within a new Secure Groups settings.

But nothing seems to work, so asking Paolo to the rescue (cf: issue)

@pditomaso: @MaxUlysse if still not working open an issue including NF output, .nextflow.log file and task, .command.log, .command.out and .command.err

Seventh try

This last one was finally the successful one B-).

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